Electric Vehicle Business Model Infrastructures

There is massive potential to offer EV charging services and take a slice of the business. However, it is important to mitigate risk from investment, build a sound business case, keep your operating costs low, and ensure you profit from EV charging.

  • Regional fast charging networks

  • E-fleets and enterprises

  • Retrofitting Electric Vehicle
  • Battery Swapping

EV charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, charge point, ECS (electronic charging station), and EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment), is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles—including electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Solar Power Plant Consultancy / Feasibility

Our solar power plant consulting division in consortium with international companies provides consulting services in setting up MW level grid connected solar photovoltaic power plants. The two main components to a proper Feasibility Study are an experienced evaluation team and a cohesive study framework. Typically our scope of services would be executed in Phases as indicated below

  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study.
  • Detailed Project Report.
  • Design & Procurement Support.
  • Project Management.
  • Quality Control.

Solar Power Plant Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Our solar power EPC Division is specialized in the setting up of solar photo-voltaic (PV)Power Plants on EPC or turnkey basis. It conceives & implements solar power projects from the initiation to installation and maintenance, using the best available components and cutting edge technical solutions by relying on highly qualified professionals

  • Site Inspection
  • System Design
  • Structural & Electrical Design & Engineering
  • Civil Works
  • Procurement & Supply
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Plant Operation & Maintenance

Solar Trackers

Solar Tracker is a device that is designed to harness the maximum amount of solar energy from the sun, by orienting or aligning the payload towards the sun.

  • Single Axis Tracking System : A single axis system is most commonly used for most standard PV Power Plant. Single axis solar trackers rotate in one direction, moving back and forth. These types of trackers usually have simple levers which can be used to tilt the panels depending on the season, so that it can harness maximum energy from the sun.
  • Dual Axis Tracking System : As indicative, they move in two directions, on the both horizontal and vertical axis making complete use of the sun’s rays for the entire day.
    • With a dual axis tracking system more energy can be generated from a given land area, as compared to fixed tilt installation or Single Axis.
  • Unipolar Tilted Tracking Systems :This is a unique design which performs the role of single as well as dual axis.
    • Can be used for large as well as smaller installations.
    • Generation is between single axis and dual axis systems.

Solar Street Light & Home Lighting Solutions

Product Information: Housing – Aluminium PDC || Input Voltage – 12/ 24 V DC || IP Rating – IP66 ||
Life Span - > 50,000 Hours (Ta-25°C) || CCT – 2700-6500K ||
Operating Temperature – 40°C to 60°C || CRI: > 70 || Luminous Efficasy: >120 lm/w

Application: Intelligent  dimming during monsoon || Over Voltage, Reverse Polarity, Over Charging and Deep Discharging protection. || MNRE Approved model available || Charging and Low Battery Indication || Dusk to Dawn.

Solar Module Mounting Solutions

  • Ground Mounting Solutions ( Single & Double Pole)
  • Roof top Solutions (RCC Flat / Sloped Roofs)
    • Aluminium  Triangle Framed Structures
    • Hot Dip GI Structures
  • Sheet Roof Solar Solutions
    • Metal Sheet roofing (Trapezoidal / Standing Seam)
    • Asbestos Sheet Roofing
    • Tiles Roofing
  • Seasonal Tilt Structures
  • Manual / Auto Tracking Structures
  • Customized & High rise Mounting Structures
  • Structure Mounting Accessories ( Mid & End Clamps / GI & SS Fasteners)

Solar Water Pumping Solutions

  • Built in Automatic Tracking Mechanism to maximize system output.
  • Clean and efficient.
  • Fully Unattended Automated Operation.
  • No Electricity / fuel Costs.
  • Easy Installation on Roof / On ground
  • Long Life over 20 years.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Solutions up to 200 meters water Head.